Why do Cartridge Heaters fail?

At Cartridge Heaters, we are passionate about quality. With this said, cartridge heaters have been known to fail – hence why we aim to exceed your expectations and improve the performance of your heater! However, if you were to experience cartridge heating failure, you need to know what to look out for! So, let’s explore the reasons behind their failure:

Improper fit

Does your heater fit like a glove?

If your equipment is not the right size, your heater won’t be able to work effectively. This is a common fault that occurs with cartridge heaters, it is not the heater itself that is insufficient- it’s the fit! The heater needs to fit in the hole to dissipate heat evenly. If the heat cannot travel through, it becomes trapped and the temperate will constantly increase, building up until the heater eventually fails.

This can be avoided by making sure that your equipment is suitable, ensuring there are no gaps along the circuit. If you want to guarantee that your heater doesn’t overheat, you need appropriate provision for the flow of current, for example, we could use a protective Teflon coating to reduce the leakage of current!

Excessive wattage

Your cartridge heater will fail if you’re using an unsuitable power supply. Using excess wattage will prevent the heat from dissipating, meaning that the heater does not transfer heat to the appropriate places and therefore making it difficult to control the temperature. The heaters we stock can only be used under a specific temperature, if this practice is not adhered to, your cartridge heater will be useless.

In order to prevent a failure occurring, we suggest that you identify the maximum Watt capacity your heater can have, and not to exceed this, otherwise your heater won’t offer suitability for seal bars, medical devices or food production.

Moisture and impurities

At Cartridge Heaters, our heaters are cylinders that are made up of Magnesium Oxide, they are perfect for you if you want to improve thermal conductivity within your home or workplace. If air is brought in from the surroundings, the performance of your cartridge heater will be compromised, this is because power is eliminated. When moisture and impurities enter the cylinders, there will be a shortage in the circuit, causing the heater to fail.

However, our cartridge heaters have been designed to not corrode easily, reducing the likelihood of any moisture or pollutants entering and causing a blockage in the flow of the current. We also aim to prevent gas and liquids from escaping, ensuring that your cartridge heater works efficiently and has an extended lifespan.

Incorrect voltage

Is your cartridge heater overheating?

This could be as a result of using an insufficient voltage. If the voltage is too high, your heater will generate a far greater wattage, meaning that your heater won’t be able to heat the metal blocks because they would have used up too much energy, the heater will respond rapidly to the voltage and the thermal energy will be emitted instantaneously, but this process is too quick!

To avoid your cartridge heater overheating, you should ensure that you use an appropriate voltage that corresponds with the ideal wattage for your heater!


In conclusion, at Cartridge Heaters, we take the approach that every individual deserves to receive a reliable, reputable service, hence why we aim to exceed your expectations by providing you with high-quality performance equipment.

Has your cartridge heater failed? At Cartridge Heaters, we know that these things happen. Rest assured we can provide an emergency service and delivery service that enhances the effectiveness of your heating elements.

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