Key uses of Cartridge Heater’s Temperature Sensors

A thermocouple is a sensor which is used to monitor temperatures. Cartridge Heaters have a wide range of temperature sensors available, so it’s inevitable you’ll find something suitable.

All our temperature sensors can be used to measure temperature, we simply offer variations that make them specific for various applications.

A thermocouple is used to measure the temperature within kilns, gas turbines or engines, they are commonly used for industrial processes. Take Cartridge Heaters, Type J Thermocouple for instance.

Type J Thermocouple

This temperature sensor is one of the most popular sensors we have available at Cartridge Heaters. Type J, K, T and E are categorised into the group of “base metals”. These oxidise easily which makes them especially useful for scientific and pharmaceutical use.

As well as this, Type J Thermocouples are used in the manufacturing of power generations, stoves, toaster and furnaces.

Type K Thermocouple

Are you a person who goes for something that’s a popular choice? You should choose the Type K Thermocouple, it clearly has a good reputation otherwise it wouldn’t be so popular. Cartridge Heaters provide this temperature sensor for general purposes, although it is especially useful for nuclear applications.

If you’re interested in our inexpensive temperature sensors, you should consider the Type K Thermocouple – it’s affordable and provides accurate results that are comparable and reliable. With a wider temperature range, you can use our Type K Thermocouple sensors for calibration!


When it comes to measuring heat, you can rely on Cartridge Heaters’ PT100! These are significantly different to Thermocouple sensors, they incorporate different technologies.

For the most versatile Resistance Temperature Detector, you can’t go wrong with Cartridge Heaters PT100! Whether you’re looking to cool water, cool oil, refrigerate or process food; look no further than us at Cartridge Heaters! Our temperature sensors are reliable and extremely accurate, but our PT100 allows you to carefully monitor sensitive changes in temperature.

There are various other applications of RTD’s take air conditioning, refrigeration, textiles or air, gas and liquid temperature measurement, for instance.

Here at Cartridge Heaters, we provide you with a range of affordable temperature sensors, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed on price!

If you’re trying to decide which sensor is most appropriate for your individual needs, Cartridge Heaters can help! If you’re looking for an affordable, cost-effective way to record the changes in temperature, one of our Thermocouple’s are best suited to you. Alternatively, if you’re more driven towards reliable measurements that are truthful and valid, consider our Resistance Temperature Detector – the PT100!

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