Uses and benefits of both K Type Thermocouples and J Type Thermocouples

A thermocouple is a temperature sensor that is used to measure and monitor temperature. Think of it as a thermometer used in industry. There is a wide range of applications for thermocouples, as they are extremely versatile.

As the temperature varies for each environment, the J type thermocouple and K type thermocouple measure their own temperature. If you require a self-powered thermocouple, consider Cartridge Heaters inexpensive range. The products we supply are all high-quality, and are priced competitively to meet your specific requirements regarding budget.

Uses of J and K type thermocouples

Our range of thermocouples are used to monitor temperature effectively. The thermocouples provided by Cartridge Heaters are used in various industries, including:

  • Aerospace
  • Energy
  • Food
  • Heat
  • Metal
  • Medical
  • Pharmaceutical

Benefits of K Type Thermocouple

Type K thermocouples are manufactured from Chromel (nickel and chrome) and Alumel (nickel, aluminium, manganese and silicon). K Type is the most common sensor calibration thermocouple, it’s used for its reliability and accuracy. The thermocouples can be used for temperatures up to 1260°C and perform best where the environment is clean.

If you require an inexpensive cartridge heater component, consider the K Type. It can be used for a wide range of applications, and features excellent corrosion resistance, making it especially useful for industrial purposes.

As well as this, Cartridge Heaters thermocouples can work in environments that a gauge cannot. This is because thermocouples have been created to withstand temperatures that exceed 1000°C!

Benefits of J Type Thermocouple

This type of thermocouple is made from a positive and a negative leg. The positive leg is iron and the negative one is made from nickel and copper. A type J Thermocouple can operate up to 750°C. A J type thermocouple supplied by Cartridge Heaters is useful for monitoring temperature. This type of thermocouple is more likely to be used for vacuum applications.

The uses of this thermocouple includes heat processes, such as the manufacturing of plastic and resin. Additionally, the properties of the J type thermocouple make it desirable for oxidising.

If you want to monitor the temperature effectively, consider the J type thermocouple to be the best option, as this thermocouple has a long-life expectancy and incorporates heavy gauge wires.

The resistance to corrosion of this type of industrial thermometer makes it ideal for electrical furnaces.

If you’re unsure which thermocouple you need, speak to the experts here at Cartridge Heaters, as we are more than happy to help!

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