Differences Between Cartridge Heaters And Tubular Heaters

Although a cartridge heater and a tubular heater look very much alike, they are in fact, different. But what makes them so different?

What are cartridge heaters?

Cartridge heaters are a popular choice for those who need a heater that can heat up efficiently. As a cartridge heater manufacturer, we design our heaters to accommodate for high temperatures and to offer a high surface watt density, as well as this, we also manufacture your heaters to order, offering suitability for your needs and wants.

Our cartridge heaters are recognisable for their outer metal enclosure, which is also referred to as a sheath. The sheath is where the resistive heating element and power pin is located.

The design of the cartridge heaters is also different depending on which size suits your needs best. The straight cylinder tubes are just as effective as tubular heaters, so, feel free to browse the range we have available, here at Cartridge Heaters!

Cartridge heaters also have various wattage and voltage capacities making them more specific for your individual application.

What about tubular heating?

Unlike cartridge heaters, tubular heating can be formed into any shape or size. These tubular heaters are available in a variety of lengths, diameters and sheaths.

The tubular tests are welded into metal surfaces like ovens, vessels and chambers, they can also be used for immersions and air heating.

The tubular heating systems can be clamped to objects, whereas the cartridge heaters are typically used in close fitting holes.

What are the main differences between cartridge heaters and tubular heaters?

One of the main differences between tubular heaters and cartridge heaters is that the tubular heaters can be shaped into virtually any shape and cast into metals, where cartridge heaters can’t!

Cartridge heaters are used to provide direct heat, having been designed to offer exceptional heat transfer by inserting them into holes within the application. Tubular heaters, however, are clamped to tanks and other materials to help with the transfer of liquids.

Tubular heaters are renowned for being the most versatile heat source, as well as their reliability and adaptability. However, the cartridge heaters we supply, are available in a wide range of sizes and lengths to cater for your individual requirements.

Why choose Cartridge Heaters?

Choosing a cartridge heater needn’t be stressful, not with the help of our expert team at Cartridge Heaters! We provide a wide range of heaters, that are bound to suit the purpose of your application, all of which offer the highest quality, improving the transfer of heat making it more convenient and affordable. Our cartridge heaters are manufactured to incorporate a long working life and high watt density.

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