What are Cartridge Heaters and How Do They Work?

Cartridge heaters are used industrially to provide a source of heat. Here at Cartridge Heaters, you can expect to find an abundance of heaters that offer suitability for your specific application.

If you’re not entirely sure what cartridge heaters are or what they are used for, we can help you to grasp a greater understanding!

What to look out for?

Cartridge heaters are easily identifiable by their tube shape. The heating elements are distinctive in their design, varying ever so slightly as they change in imperial size. We supply an array of cartridge heaters both metric and imperial sizes including ½” cartridge heaters, ¼” cartridge heaters and ¾” cartridge heaters (just to name a few) all of which are ideal for various applications in various industry sectors.

What are Cartridge Heaters used for?

A cartridge heater is designed to transfer heat from one area to the next. You’ll notice that our cartridge heaters adopt a compact design and transfer heat via conduction. Where heaters need to be durable and versatile, our cartridge heaters are seemingly the best option.

Our heating elements are used for heavy duty applications. We supply cartridge heaters to suit the specific requirements of such applications and cater for the most diverse needs and wants. In addition to this, our cartridge heaters are ideal for requirements of high watt densities and high temperatures.

Some industries that benefit from our cartridge heaters include food manufacturing/ production, packaging machines, medical, plastics moulding and many more. The cartridge heaters are ideal for fluid heating and rubber moulding too.

How do cartridge heaters work?

The way in which our cartridge heaters work is straightforward; the alternating current is transferred through the coil. This will then cause the wire to heat up and the cartridge heater sheath will be heated up.

Cartridge Heaters are suppliers of the ¼” through to 1” or 6.5mm to 25mm, each of these are designed to perform exceptionally under pressure and are efficient, as are any of the other products we supply.

You won’t find high-quality cartridge heaters quite like ours! As a result of technological developments, the cartridge heaters we supply have been designed to improve performance.

When it comes to finding a localised heat source, look no further than our complete range of cartridge heaters. The products we supply all offer resistance to corrosion and oxidation so you needn’t worry about receiving the best value for money.

Why choose Cartridge Heaters?

Cartridge Heaters provide a wide range of high-performance cartridge heaters that are especially durable. When it comes to generating heat, you can count on the cartridge heaters we supply, not only are they efficient they are delivered on time- ensuring that you meet all deadlines.

To find out more about our cartridge heater supplies, call 0845 688 7332 today!

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