What happens if you don’t install Cartridge Heaters correctly?

Cartridge heaters are reliable heating elements… if they’re installed correctly!

As a cartridge heaters supplier, we provide an extensive range of products which are suitable for various needs and wants. From our collection of cartridge heaters, you will find the low watt cartridge heaters as well as the high watt cartridge heaters, no matter what you’re looking for, we have the perfect solution!

We don’t only supply you with the most reliable heating elements, here at Cartridge Heaters, our team of experts are dedicated to providing you with unfailing help and support to ensure that you know the ins and outs of cartridge heaters.

We recommend that your industrial cartridge heaters are installed correctly if you want to avoid any of the following:

Reduced production time

Choosing the right metric size for your industrial cartridge heaters for the job is paramount to a successful transfer of heat! The right cartridge heater, installed in the right way, will ensure that the transfer of heat is effective.

However, low or high watt cartridge heaters that are installed incorrectly will only make things incredibly difficult, you won’t be able to transfer heat as quickly, that’s for sure!


Rushing the installation of industrial cartridge heaters could cause incorrect fitment. When your cartridge heaters are not fitted correctly they will very quickly fail, you will need to replace them effectively to ensure that there is no compromise made to the transfer of heat.

You can avoid such consequences by seeking advice from a reputable cartridge heaters supplier, like Cartridge Heaters! If you’re not entirely sure about the installation process of your low or high watt cartridge heaters, why not ask a professional to carry out the correct installation of the heating elements?

Insulation Protection

By not choosing the right insulation protection for the job, you could potentially cause the cables to become damaged, ultimately leading to electric shocks.

Industrial cartridge heater leads are designed with a set purpose in mind, if you choose the wrong heating element lead for your application, it’s highly likely that the element will short circuit for due to abrasion or melting. Please ask us for more details if you are not sure or had historic problems.


Where heat dissipation is inadequate, you can expect the cartridge heaters to damage easily. When you choose to install cartridge heaters, regardless of whether you have low or high watt cartridge heaters, you need to make sure you take into consideration several factors.

These factors include the heat requirements and physical requirements of your heating element, as well as the desired temperature and the speed of heat transfer.

Shortened life

Here at Cartridge Heaters, we supply an extensive range of industrial cartridge heaters, each transferring heat effectively. Needless to say, you want your heating elements to perform exceptionally well under pressure and to provide you with excellent value for money.

Any cartridge heaters supplier will provide you with the most reliable advice for how not to exceed the working temperature of your element and how to avoid premature heater failure.

Lack of efficiency

An incorrect installation of cartridge heaters will leave you with insufficient heat transfer. You want to be sure that the cartridge heater provides no excessive movement and that it fits securely in the holes it is inserted to- this will enable you to transfer heat quicker and more efficiently.

Choosing the wrong cartridge heater could also reduce the lifetime of your elements, causing them to heat up too quickly and therefore fail.

To find out more about installing cartridge heaters, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team of experts, here at Cartridge Heaters! We will be more than willing to help you to find out all there is to know when it comes to installing heating elements, simply call us on 0845 688 7332 today!

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