Choosing the right size Cartridge Heaters

It’s only right that you choose cartridge heaters that suit your exact requirements! Here at Cartridge Heaters, our products are all made to order, so you needn’t worry about finding something suitable for your application.

The purpose of the industrial cartridge heaters is to distribute heat evenly. As with any of the products that we supply, you can expect the industrial cartridge heaters to suit any heavy-duty application.

If you’re looking to keep your costs to a minimum, you needn’t look any further than Cartridge Heaters; we supply a wide range of cartridge heaters throughout the UK, all of which are manufactured to perform efficiently and to provide you with the best value for money.

When choosing the right size products, there are several factors that need to be taken into consideration, including the following…


As cartridge heaters suppliers, Cartridge Heaters can provide you with products to match the requirements of almost any application. With a choice of imperial cartridge heaters and metric cartridge heaters, you’re bound to find something suitable, whether it be for food production, die casting or chemical engineering!


The metric cartridge heaters are designed to offer precise heating, allowing you to distribute heat to specific locations. Our extensive range of products are ideal if you’re looking to boost the efficiency of your heating, they act as a reliable solution.


Where will the cartridge heaters be used? You need to consider the conditions that your heaters will be susceptible to, ensuring that you choose the right one for the job.

By choosing the correct size heaters from cartridge heaters suppliers, you can prevent leakages, maintaining high-quality standards. If your cartridge heaters are likely to be exposed to contaminants, you need to make sure that your products fit securely, preventing the need to purchase a replacement.


Any of the imperial cartridge heaters that we supply at Cartridge Heaters are designed to your specific requirements. They are manufactured to withstand extreme temperatures, ensuring that there’s no compromise made to the longevity of your products.

When selecting cartridge heaters, you’ll need to choose carefully to make sure that they fit perfectly. The right size cartridge heater will enable you to transfer heat reliably, ensuring that no heat is lost.


Looking to conserve energy? Why not ask our team of experts for advice? A suitable cartridge heater will allow you to transfer heat quicker, providing a more reliable source of heat.

In terms of cost, the cartridge heaters provided by cartridge heaters suppliers are effective. When choosing cartridge heaters, you need to make sure that you choose the right one in order to keep your costs to a minimum.

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