The cartridge heaters that are supply from us are made to the best possible standards. We use stainless steel for the sheath and NiCr8020 conductor material. The heater leads are fiberglass insulated as standard and is connected internally, this gives the best possible connection and allows greater flexibility. The lesser […]

Quality without compromise

Cartridge heaters are used industrially to provide a source of heat. Here at Cartridge Heaters, you can expect to find an abundance of heaters that offer suitability for your specific application. If you’re not entirely sure what cartridge heaters are or what they are used for, we can help you […]

What are Cartridge Heaters and How Do They Work?

Top 7 uses for different sized cartidge heaters
Selecting the right cartridge heaters needn’t be difficult, because here at Cartridge Heaters, we provide a complete range of cartridge heaters, can you afford not to check out our collection? Here are 7 ways to get the most out of your cartridge heaters and temperature sensors: Improve performance and durability […]

Top 7 Uses of different sized Cartridge Heaters

Heating Line Effect
Although a cartridge heater and a tubular heater look very much alike, they are in fact, different. But what makes them so different? What are cartridge heaters? Cartridge heaters are a popular choice for those who need a heater that can heat up efficiently. As a cartridge heater manufacturer, we […]

Differences Between Cartridge Heaters And Tubular Heaters

A thermocouple is a temperature sensor that is used to measure and monitor temperature. Think of it as a thermometer used in industry. There is a wide range of applications for thermocouples, as they are extremely versatile. As the temperature varies for each environment, the J type thermocouple and K […]

Uses and benefits of both K Type Thermocouples and J ...

A thermocouple is a sensor which is used to monitor temperatures. Cartridge Heaters have a wide range of temperature sensors available, so it’s inevitable you’ll find something suitable. All our temperature sensors can be used to measure temperature, we simply offer variations that make them specific for various applications. A […]

Key uses of Cartridge Heater’s Temperature Sensors

At Cartridge Heaters, we are passionate about quality. With this said, cartridge heaters have been known to fail – hence why we aim to exceed your expectations and improve the performance of your heater! However, if you were to experience cartridge heating failure, you need to know what to look […]

Why do Cartridge Heaters fail?

Electric heating elements are integral to the everyday functioning of a variety of industries, ranging from food production to rubber moulding, which places high importance on their upkeep and maintenance. Ensuring that everything consistently runs above board with your electric heating elements can seem like a trivial matter, but negligence […]

5 Maintenance Tips for Electric Heating Elements

Without the humble cartridge heater, many of the modern amenities that we take for granted would simply not exist. These heaters are often used within food production facilities, chemical engineering plants, fuel cells, extrusion machines, die casting operations and numerous other sectors. As you may have already imagined, there are […]

Which Cartridge Heater Should I Use?

At, we can make cartridge heaters with diameters up to 50mm and lengths up to 3m so we are never told by customers that they could do with bigger! we also make cartridge heater as standard to be high watt density design. We will also consider making them as […]

Does size matter?