Electric heating elements are integral to the everyday functioning of a variety of industries, ranging from food production to rubber moulding, which places high importance on their upkeep and maintenance. Ensuring that everything consistently runs above board with your electric heating elements can seem like a trivial matter, but negligence […]

5 Maintenance Tips for Electric Heating Elements

Without the humble cartridge heater, many of the modern amenities that we take for granted would simply not exist. These heaters are often used within food production facilities, chemical engineering plants, fuel cells, extrusion machines, die casting operations and numerous other sectors. As you may have already imagined, there are […]

Which Cartridge Heater Should I Use?

At, we can make cartridge heaters with diameters up to 50mm and lengths up to 3m so we are never told by customers that they could do with bigger! we also make cartridge heater as standard to be high watt density design. We will also consider making them as […]

Does size matter?

Cartridge Heaters has been a reliable source of modern heating sensors and elements for a number of years. We firmly believe that quality, flexibility and an attention to detail are all key components that should be addressed at all times. As this is a rather specific industry, it it a […]

How are Temperature Sensors Used?

Whether referring to HVAC compressors, injection moulding manifolds or applications within the food services industry, cartridge heaters are essential components of numerous systems. These elements are built to highly exacting specifications and they are capable of producing as much power as 50 watts per square centimetre. However, much of this […]

The Importance of Installing Cartridge Heaters Correctly

Cartridge Heater
The Key Benefits and Uses of Cartridge Heaters Cartridge Heaters are compact and flexible heating elements that are primarily used in industrial settings. This cylindrical-shaped heating element simply comprises resistive wiring enclosed in a metallic sheath. A layer of electrical insulation separates the outer casing from the wires, which are […]

The Key Benefits and Uses of Cartridge Heaters

Cartridge Heaters
Cartridge Heaters UK is pleased to be able to provide a wide variety of heating elements to our growing list of clients. Not only do we supply a large stock of standard sizes, but we offer both Metric and Imperial Cartridge Heaters. This is very important when addressing the bespoke […]

Why to Choose Cartridge Heaters UK when purchasing your Cartridge ...