Here we have included some of the common questions asked about cartridge heaters. You will find them useful and we recommend you to read/review them before installation.

What size do I drill the hole?

If you order a 10 mm cartridge heater from us it will been made slightly smaller than 10 mm so that it will be a snug push fit into the hole. The same applies to imperial or metric sizes. The hole should also be reamed out wherever possible to ensure proper heat transfer.

Can cartridge heaters be used to heat liquids?

Cartridge heaters are generally not suitable for heating liquids in direct contact as they are usually of the high watt density type. Liquids do not offer a fast enough heat transfer as metals and therefore will cause the heater to quickly overheat or liquid to quickly evaporate and boil.

What are the common causes of heater failure?

Liquid Contamination is the most common cause of cartridge heater failure. This is caused by the likes of moisture, hydraulic oils, and melted plastic that are seen on failed heaters. Other causes are lead abrasion and movement, inadequate heat-sink, high operating temperatures (inadequate temperature control).

Also a common problem which is over looked is a incorrect heater diameter selection. If this is not correct chosen then the heater will quickly burn its self out. Cartridge heaters need to transfer their heat to another source ASAP because they are high powered elements for heating large solid objects. If the heater are a lose fit in a hole then there is no where for the heat to go except to burn the heaters out internally. If you have a 5/8" cartridge heater then a 5/8" hole must be machined to accept the heaters. The use of thermal grease is also best practice to ensure heat transfer.

Can I have a specially designed cartridge heater?

We are able to make cartridge heaters to your requirements; they are available in lengths up to 3 m and diameters from 3 to 40 mm. 
Any wattage or voltage is possible depending on the watt density sizing limitations. 
We can also easily make different terminations as required.

Can I use a longer or shorter cartridge heater in a existing hole?

This is not recommended unless only used as short term solution. This is because if the cartridge heater is too long the ends which protrude over heats leading to premature failures.
If the cartridge heaters are too short and the cartridge heater sinks within the hole then the leads tend to burn and short circuit the cartridge heater.
​The cartridge heaters should be fitted with a maximum length tolerance of 5mm.