Technical Specifications

What are Cartridge heaters?

cartridge heaters are used to heat mold, platen and die tooling by means of heat transfer and are a the best way of getting heat into metal objects to temperatures of 750 C . Cartridge heaters are designed to snugly fit into diameter holes and are manufactured from the highest quality materials to offer long life under normal working conditions. 

These type of heating elements are by far the most efficient way of getting heat into a metal body as all the heat energy is transferred into the metal solid. This is only the case if the hole that the heater is inserted into is the correct size. If the heater is lose in the hole then the heater will self heat and eventually burn out.

The cartridge heater can be specifically adapted to many applications. The heater can be supplied with heated zones, specially lead types, various lead exits and fitted with thermocouple sensors. We can design your specific heater requirement, please give us a call.

Our cartridge heaters are supplied in metric or imperial and are available in sizes from 3 mm to 40 mm. Our standard stock sizes are 6.5 mm (1/4″) to 40 mm (1.5″) and up to 2 m in length.

They are supplied with high watt densities as standard for the most demanding of applications, medium and low are also offered on request.



Material Specification


Welded watertight tip (Tig) pressure up to 60 kg/cm2.

Made from stainless steel AISI 304/316/321/ INCOLOY.

Ceramic insulator.

Pure magnesium oxide insulation.

Nickel-chromium 80/20 heater wire. Melting point 1400º C.

Ceramic core.

Heat resistant conductor leads.

Conductor wire with internal connections

Technical Specification


Working temperature:  max 750°C

Diameter range(mm):  3mm-40mm

Length range(mm):   15mm-3000mm

Diameter tolerance:   metric -0.02/-0.06mm

Length tolerance:   ±1mm

Power tolerance:   +5%,-10%

Rated voltage(110-220):   1.27 times

Insulation resistance:   5Ω

Designed life:   3000 hours

Power density:

-Solids metals:   60w/cm2 (advisable 45w/cm2 max)

-Water:   30w/cm2(max)

-heating static air:   10w/cm2(max)

-heating flowing air:   18w/cm2(max)

Cable Termination Designs